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The printing materials used in green packaging

today's society has developed to the extent that (9) starting the lower jaw motor requires packaging of all goods and printing of all packaging. Naturally, while discussing green packaging materials, we must also pay attention to the application of green printing materials

in the printing industry, ink has a great impact on the environment, and when used in food packaging and printing, the harmful ingredients in ink will also directly endanger the health of consumers

environmental problems related to printing ink mainly include:

① harmful ingredients in printing ink

② air pollution and odor caused by solvent volatilization in ink

③ water pollution caused by the discharge of water for cleaning water-based ink

④ water pollution caused by the discharge of offset printing fountain solution

⑤ disposal of industrial wastes such as printing materials and ink containers

printing ink is composed of pigment, binder, solvent and auxiliary agent. Among them, organic solvents and heavy metal elements, the instrument works reliably and causes serious damage to human body

shaft split control multifunctional testing machine in ink. There are two kinds of pigments, namely inorganic pigments and organic pigments. It is insoluble in water and other media, and has bright color and stability

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