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Small packages grab the big market

Dutang Township, Dingtao County has 10 pollution-free vegetable production bases, and the area of pollution-free vegetables has reached 25000 mu. The host is similar at home and abroad. The township has 2280 deep winter efficient greenhouses and 6560 winter warm sunlight greenhouses. Standardized pollution-free vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, eggplant, balsam pear, pepper and kidney beans are planted in the shed

however, for a long time, the majority of vegetable farmers still continue the traditional sales habits, transporting fresh vegetables just picked to the vegetable wholesale market for free sale. The traders transported the fresh vegetables they bought into sophisticated products without any packaging to all parts of the country. However, due to the supply-demand relationship between vegetable farmers and traders, the sales price of vegetables is also monopolized by these "old traders", who have the final say

after the Party committee and government of Dutang Township found this situation, they actively gave advice and ideas for vegetable farmers. It is decided to package vegetables before selling them. Printing the address and number on the packaging can also play a good advertising effect. The vegetable wholesale market starts with cucumbers and peppers, and packages and sells cucumbers and peppers. This move is really effective. After seeing the packaging, the current technical level can ensure the quality of aluminum and its alloys during remelting and reuse. Many customers contact the person in charge of the wholesale market. Since then, there have been many new faces for vendors, and vegetable farmers also have the initiative in the sales price of vegetables. They registered the "Dutang" pollution-free vegetable trademark in June, 2005. By packaging and naming vegetables, they opened up the sales market of agricultural products. The income of vegetable farmers increased significantly, and the average income of sheds increased by more than 3000 yuan. Now, the pollution-free vegetables in the township have successfully entered supermarkets in more than 10 large and medium-sized cities, such as Tianjin, Xi'an, Jinan, Qingdao, Zhengzhou and Dalian, and have established a solid sales relationship with them, with a trend of supply exceeding demand

talking about the significance and impact of vegetable packaging and sales on Dutang Township, Chen Erqiao, Secretary of the township party committee and representative of the Municipal People's Congress, said with deep feeling: in 2006, we will continue to expand the planting scale, through careful packaging of vegetables, make every effort to build a pollution-free vegetable brand in Dutang Township, and continue to expand the external market, so that farmers can increase their income and become rich without going out to work. Every time the progress of "Suning bank" comes out in the well-off market

source: Shandong science and Technology News

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