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Small microblog and big marketing - explore new forces in the development of printing enterprises

with the popularity of Internet, microblog, a new thing, came into being, constantly affecting people's lives, driving the communication and interaction between people, so that information can be exchanged and obtained more conveniently. Nowadays, with the continuous increase of enterprise operating costs, coupled with the severe economic situation, in the face of high advertising costs, more enterprises prefer microblog marketing, and microblog marketing has become popular in recent years. According to the 2012 China Weibo annual report, by the end of June 2012, the number of Weibo users in China had reached 274 million, and the growth rate of users fell below 10% compared with the end of 2011 (9.5%). The proportion of people using Weibo reached 50.9%, an increase of 2.2 percentage points over the end of 2011. Among Chinese people aged 19 and above, the penetration rate of Weibo users reached 88.8%. We can clearly feel that the number of users is growing at an alarming rate every day. The rapid growth of such a new platform is enough to let us see the potential business opportunities for enterprise development. The same is true of printing enterprises. In the face of the impact of the economic wave and the increasing labor costs, microblog marketing has become the first choice of many enterprises

Weibo is simple and convenient to operate. It can be published in a few words. Not only on the 135 dry hanging stone curtain wall with epoxy adhesive, with intelligence, you can also express your personal mood anytime and anywhere. Personal Weibo can be concerned by others, and it can also be concerned about others, which forms an interpersonal circle. When this interpersonal circle is expanding, its influence can not be underestimated. Weibo is such a channel to help people expand their communication circle and provide a more convenient communication platform for more people with common aspirations, hobbies and ideas

in recent years, in order to better meet the needs of enterprises, enterprise microblogging has also begun to rise. Here, enterprises can show themselves to the outside world in real time. Text, images, videos and other comprehensive and multi angle presentation of the good mental outlook of the enterprise to everyone, this is a good platform for enterprises to show themselves. In the microblogging boom, if printing enterprises establish enterprise microblogging in time, it will help enterprises keep up with the trend of the times and open up more ways of publicity and marketing for themselves. Moreover, this is also the most cost-effective way of enterprise promotion, and the cost is almost negligible. Just one person can effectively manage the microblog of the enterprise corresponding to the six yardsticks on the surface, update and release the latest news of the enterprise in real time, improve the awareness of the enterprise in the industry, and then enhance the industry competitiveness of the enterprise, which will also bring potential value to the enterprise

although some enterprises may have doubts about such a marketing strategy, in today's economic growth slows down and the market pattern is turbulent, choosing such a marketing method is also a new challenge, which is likely to be a business opportunity and bring you unexpected value returns. Many enterprises have realized this. Decisive choice and bold taste will also produce changes. There are not a few printing related enterprises, because it is only a simple attempt, and there will be no risk problems, so enterprises can choose to fight

in the future, Weibo will continue to grow, the product operation mode will gradually mature, and move from elite to grassroots, from onlookers to social networking. In addition, the impact of Weibo on China's traditional public opinion pattern will increase. How can printing enterprises seize this business opportunity and turn microblogging into a new force of enterprise marketing? This is another new topic, which we need to pay attention to

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