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China's small excavator Market: survive with quality

China's small excavator Market: survive with quality

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Guide: at present, China's small excavator market is in a stage of rapid development, and the market share is rising sharply every year. The sharp increase in the proportion of domestic excavator products has become one of the most significant trends in recent years, People in the industry are generally confident in the development of China's small excavation market. However, almost all business leaders

at present, China's small excavation market is in a stage of rapid development, and its market share is rising sharply every year. The sharp increase in the proportion of domestic excavator products has become one of the most significant trends in recent years. People in the industry are generally confident in the development of China's small excavation market. However, almost all enterprise leaders said in an interview that 1. The force sensor of the experimental machine, it is too early to say "the rise of China's excavator industry". Now China's excavator industry is just starting, and it is still in the stage of catching up with the world's advanced level

however, the competition in the excavator market is becoming increasingly fierce. In the increasingly fierce competitive environment, whether Chinese enterprises can thrive is one of the focus issues of the current Chinese Excavator Industry

the similar quality makes the competition tend to be white hot

in the excavator market, there was a quality level gradient. The product quality of American and Japanese enterprises was the highest. The larger the size, the higher the quality. The quality of Korean brands ranked in the middle, while domestic brands once hovered at the bottom. It is for this reason that foreign brands have occupied more than half of the market for a long time. But at present, this pattern is quietly changing, and the total market share of Chinese enterprises is constantly improving

one of the reasons for this change is that the whole machine manufacturer purchases parts globally. At present, China's accessory industry is still unable to meet the needs of complete machine manufacturers, especially in core components such as engines and hydraulic systems. Therefore, some enterprises with financial strength recognize the shortcomings of their original supply chain, actively cooperate with international top parts suppliers, use global procurement to improve the quality of the whole machine, grasp the market positioning accurately, and take cost performance as a breakthrough to seize market share

in addition, some experts believe that the growth of Chinese enterprises also benefited from the relocation of host machine manufacturing plants to China by foreign-funded enterprises such as Shengang, Hitachi and Komatsu. After these enterprises entered China, they led a number of accessory enterprises to move their production workshops to China; At the same time, the procurement in China has also led to the growth of a number of Chinese accessory enterprises, and the accessory environment has been greatly improved, which has benefited Chinese local excavator manufacturers a lot

in recent years, Chinese Excavator enterprises have grown very rapidly. However, foreign enterprises will not actively give up the market to Chinese enterprises. In order to maintain their original share, they have accelerated market development. For example, Kubota has set up the China marketing department, raising the strategic positioning of the Chinese market to the same important position as the European and American regions. Kubota's agents believe that Kubota may set up a complete machine manufacturing plant in China in the next step

quality catch-up still needs to be redoubled

some insiders believe that from the perspective of product performance and quality, China's Excavator manufacturing level has reached the world's advanced level, and the gap is only concentrated in some non major aspects such as operation comfort and appearance. However, after careful consideration, we can find an important problem, that is, the supply of parts is still controlled by people. At the end of 2007, the production scale of Rexroth and other internationally renowned accessory enterprises can not meet the needs of China's market development, so many enterprises have money to buy parts but can't deliver them. In addition, Chinese enterprises do not have enough say in global procurement, which seriously restricts the formulation of production plans and even the planning of overall development strategies of enterprises carrying the banner of new material development

there are also many hidden dangers in the share expansion of Chinese enterprises, and the advantage of "cost performance" cannot become a long-term selling point. The real driving force for the rise of enterprises is to improve their own scientific research capabilities. At present, Chinese enterprises have far more appearance patents than technical patents in excavator manufacturing. Many enterprises have realized this, but the results are not satisfactory. Some patents are still based on others' technology platforms, and they lack the most core things

in contrast, foreign enterprises are very attentive in building their own technology platform. 5% of sales revenue invested in R & D has almost become the hidden rule of enterprise development, and capable enterprises invest more. Almost every foreign enterprise has a complete set of design concept, core technology and marketing management mode. At first, the development of Chinese Excavator manufacturing enterprises was to buy design schemes from foreign enterprises. Although we have made great achievements in the field of small excavation, it is not difficult to find that when Chinese enterprises launched the latest model of excavators, some foreign enterprises competing with them brought "old products" from two to three years ago. It can be seen that the manufacturing level of Chinese Excavator enterprises still needs to be greatly improved

price positioning is a big problem

since 2007, the prices of products in upstream industries such as steel and iron ore have increased significantly, the cost of optimizing the extrusion and granulation process has increased, and many varieties in the construction machinery industry have shown a trend of rising prices. Producing excavators with high quality and low cost is the top priority of every manufacturing enterprise. However, the cost of some foreign enterprises is much lower than that of the whole machine import due to localized production

how can China's Excavator manufacturing industry, which was struggling to survive in the cracks at the beginning, win market share more skillfully? Foton Lovol heavy industry fully draws on the successful experience of Foton, focusing on the integrated operation of the headquarters, and paying more attention to brand image construction while taking the high-end line of quality; Yuchai made use of its group advantages to assemble Yuchai engines on some models to try to reduce costs. These measures will become a shining point on the road of the rise of China's excavators

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