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Small packaged red wine wants to share the wine market

with the improvement of people's living standards, the quality of life has increasingly become an important part of dietary life. Nowadays, Jinzhou people pay more and more attention to sentiment in wine consumption. Since March 30, 2005, the sales volume of wine has accounted for about 60% of the new year wine market. The popularity and unfairness of small wines are significantly higher than those sold through unofficial channels in large packages, and the good and bad wines have "exposed" signs of dividing up the wine market

On January 2, I learned from several large shopping malls and supermarkets that the two festivals are very close, and people's enthusiasm for the wine market is still high. In particular, some small packages of wine, cocktails, foreign wine and other shelves are basically crowded. From the appearance age of the buyers, there are people from 20 to 30 to 50 or 60 years old. The Baijiu sales area is a little quiet. The business is also well prepared. I saw in a large supermarket that there are four flavors of a cocktail priced at 7.8 yuan for consumers to choose from. However, three of these flavors were chosen by consumers, leaving few bottles left, which was in a "out of stock" state. A staff member who was busy replenishing told: "I have been busy since the end of December 2005, and I have been busy for three days on New Year's day. It's either promotion or replenishment. Now the wine in small packages sells very well, and it is usually drunk at my own home or at a small party. The sales volume can account for about half of the whole wine market. It's normal to replenish two or three times a day. According to the current trend, the sales volume of this kind of wine during the Spring Festival is expected to be good." For the large bottle of wine next to the small package of wine, although a salesperson insisted on "manufacturer promotion, buy one get one free", people still focused on the small package of wine

low alcohol cocktails are favored by women after one debugging.

it is understood that small packaged wines have many brands and low prices, which have become the main brand of businesses this year. The lowest price is only 4.5 yuan for mortal, with a net content of 110ml and a alcohol content of 38 degrees. Wine is very popular around New Year's day. At the same time, wine with a price of 9.8 yuan and a alcohol level of 7 degrees and wine with a price of 7.8 yuan and a alcohol level of 4 degrees are particularly favored by female consumers. Two women in their 20s who were choosing cocktails told: "this kind of wine has a low alcohol content. There are several flavors such as apple and yellow peach, and the name is also very nice. Some time ago, our classmates had a party and drank 'happy time and Girl Pink', which felt good and not intoxicating. The key price is completely acceptable, so I want to buy it back for my family to taste it."

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