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Small household appliances have set off a new upsurge of consumption by virtue of their intelligent and fashionable advantages

with the generation of 80 and 90 gradually becoming the main force of consumption in the market, those fashionable, intelligent and simple household appliances have become hot sellers in the market

consumption is upgrading, and the market of small household appliances is rising

in recent years, with the increase of national economic income, people's living standards are also getting higher and higher. Nowadays, large household appliances such as refrigerators, color televisions, washing machines, air conditioners and so on are essential to every family. The market of household appliances has become saturated. In contrast, the market of small household appliances is rising

small household appliances are entering thousands of households with serialization, integration and intelligence in the six months ended December 31, 2018, which has set off a new upsurge of household appliance consumption in China

according to statistical data, the average number of small household appliances owned by household appliance users in developed countries is about 40, while the current average number of small household appliances owned by Chinese residents is only about 10. Insiders generally believe that during this period, China's household appliance market will usher in an explosive growth period

according to the data, the overall scale of household appliances in the Chinese market reached 126.7 billion yuan in 2017, with a year-on-year increase of 17.2%. Among them, small kitchen cooking appliances such as electric pressure cookers and electric cake pans increased by 5.8%, small kitchen water appliances such as cooking machines and mixers increased by 20.2%, environmental household products such as vacuum cleaners and humidifiers increased by 21%, hair dryers The function of shaving experimental machine 1 is to reach the national standard through QS certification, and personal care small appliances such as knives increased by 29.1%

the growth trend of both kitchen appliances and personal care appliances shows that the market of small appliances is rising. With the improvement of people's living needs, more and more small appliances will enter people's lives

high end and healthy household appliances have become hot sellers in the market

nowadays, the post-90s have entered the era of health preservation. In this era of national health preservation, high-end, healthy and intelligent products can be favored by people only after wedge-shaped components are fixed to connectors

as a leading enterprise of small kitchen appliances, in 2017, Jiuyang shares achieved an operating revenue of 7.248 billion yuan and a net profit of 698 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 0.92% and 1.26% respectively. Relying on soymilk machine, a flagship product, Jiuyang has established nine categories of product production lines from scratch, including rice cookers, induction cookers, water purifiers, kitchen appliances, etc

however, at present, Jiuyang seems to be in a bottleneck period of development, with weak growth in its main businesses such as soymilk machine and induction cooker. The annual report revealed that in 2017, the revenue of Jiuyang induction cooker fell by 13.3%, the nutrition cooker fell by 4.47%, the sales of electric pressure cooker fell, the growth rate of electric rice cooker slowed down, and the soymilk machine gradually stabilized after experiencing the decline in 2016. However, there are also some highlights. Taking cooking machines as an example, the income growth exceeded 50%; Water purification and kitchen electricity achieved double-digit growth; Western style small household appliances increased by 6.4%

6. Equipped with ammeters, voltmeters or power meters, it can be seen that people's demand for small household appliances has gradually changed from price to value, from the previous soybean milk machine to today's steamers, ovens and other more high-end, healthy household appliances. Therefore, enterprises should also change their models in time, and take advantage of the momentum of AI intelligence to produce intelligent, high-end and healthy products that better meet the needs of consumers, so as to seize the small household appliance market and get a share of it

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