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Small model and large energy: Shanghai Jintai sd20/22/25 multi-function drilling rig

small model and large energy: Shanghai Jintai sd20/22/25 multi-function drilling rig

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as early as 2005, Shanghai Jintai took the lead in launching the first rotary drilling rig independently developed and manufactured - SD10. Now, Jintai rotary drilling rig has developed into a cluster of more than ten models of multi-function drilling rigs with two series of sd/sh, The "gene" of its technology has been reorganized and improved for many times, and the product performance and construction capacity have long been changed

in 2016, under the adversity of the industry market, Shanghai Jintai carried out a comprehensive revision and upgrade of the two series of sd/sh rotary drilling rigs: first, the Cummins engine with Euro 3 emission standard was fully configured with the special chassis for rotary drilling; Secondly, the main pump, main valve and other key components are upgraded products of international well-known brands; In addition, the structure, power distribution and control system of the whole machine have been greatly optimized. The newly revised rotary excavation must be dried to a new level before filling, both in terms of appearance design and internal system

Shanghai Jintai has comprehensively revised and upgraded the two series of sd/sh rotary drilling rigs

sd20/22/25. On the basis of the above improvements, the three drilling rigs have made a group of small and medium-sized models with the original parallelogram structure. Everyone has a detailed understanding of the following information. He hopes that Juhua technology will take the project commencement as an opportunity to optimize. The three drilling rigs all use r385lc-9 upper chassis, jt70 lower chassis and qsl9-tier3 (221kw) engines with equal power, Through the combined configuration of lower chassis, winch, mast height and power head torque, the three models achieve their respective output performance

the new sd25

the new sd25 can be configured with four layers of ∮ 470 self-locking rods, with a drilling depth of 56 meters, and five layers of ∮ 470 friction rods, with a drilling depth of 65 meters. Small models can also release amplified energy. (this article is from Shanghai Jintai)


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