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Guangdong's small household appliance industry has ushered in the peak season. There are too many export orders to accept. Release date: Source: CCTV finance

towards the end of the year, domestic export enterprises producing small household appliances have started the "order explosion" mode. In Foshan City, Guangdong Province, where the small household appliance industry is concentrated, orders from enterprises have soared, and goods have been piled up in workshops, which can only be temporarily placed in parking lots for transit; Some enterprises' export orders increased by more than 600%, and the whole factory was operating at full capacity

the export of small household appliances ushered in the phenomenon of order explosion

in a small household appliance enterprise in Foshan, Guangdong Province, workers are busy loading goods back and forth. Yezhirong, the relevant person in charge of this enterprise, said that this year, the orders of small household products, including macroporous aluminum based materials, silicon aluminum dry glue, catalysts and other electrical exports, increased synchronously with domestic orders. At present, their exported household electrical appliances have been piled up in the workshop and can only be temporarily placed in the yard

Ye Zhirong, vice president of Guangdong Delma Technology Co., Ltd.: This is the parking lot of the original employees in the park. However, due to the arrival of the peak season of domestic and export sales this year, it is difficult to unload B and C thallium goods for mass production, and the site is needed for transit. So we mobilized our employees to park their cars elsewhere to make room

Li Junwei's small household appliance enterprises mainly produce small household appliance products such as vacuum cleaners. This year, the overseas export of related products has also doubled

Li Junwei, vice president of Guangdong flying fish Group Co., Ltd.: our exports have increased by more than 600% this year. Products of environmental health categories such as humidifiers and vacuum cleaners are within the growth range. All orders, the whole factory is running at full capacity

Chen Yuda's enterprises mainly export coffee machines. In the first quarter of this year, affected by the epidemic, a large number of overseas orders were cancelled, and their export orders began to improve significantly from May

according to the statistics of AI media, the household life during the epidemic period has significantly increased the use frequency of household appliances, and the overseas demand for small household appliances has increased significantly. In the first half of this year, China's exports of electric fryers, bread makers, Juicers and so on increased by 62.9%, 34.7% and 12.1% respectively

Lin Huanyu, chief analyst of Huatai Securities' home appliance industry: after China restored the capacity utilization rate, the export side climbed significantly, including cross-border e-commerce, many manufacturing industries, and the export side clearly increased. The export of household appliances and even manufacturing industry in China will continue to rise

there is a shortage of workers, and a large number of new orders are not accepted.

due to the impact of the COVID-19, the outbreak of the "housing economy" has become the main reason to stimulate the growth of the small household appliance market. At present, the orders of small household appliance enterprises are still growing rapidly, but this also brings the problem of labor shortage to enterprises

I saw a group of new employees wearing armbands on the production line of a small household appliance enterprise in Shenzhen. Zhao Qi from Jiangxi is one of them. She said: affected by the epidemic this year, she felt it was difficult to find a job in the first half of the year. In the second half of the year, she and several of her fellow villagers found jobs smoothly

near the end of the year, orders of small household appliance enterprises increased significantly, and enterprises began to recruit a large number of workers, but there was a shortage of workers on the production line. Chen Yuda, the person in charge of continuous optimization of catalyst performance, said that they were recruiting through various channels. In October, overseas customers will add new orders to them every week, but because they don't have enough workers on their production lines, they are now facing difficulties in recruiting, and there are a large number of new orders that they dare not accept

coincidentally, Zhao Rui, the workshop head of a small household appliance enterprise in Foshan, Guangdong Province, also felt the difficulty of recruiting workers. He told that there were about 300 workers on their production line before September, and the number of workers has increased to 450 at present. Even so, they have to work overtime every day to complete the scheduling plan

behind the booming market, the brand competition on the small household appliance track has also entered a white hot stage. According to the data of tianyancha professional edition, the number of clear high barrier films registered by small household appliance enterprises in China was only more than 12000 in January this year. However, with the improvement of the epidemic, the number of small household appliance enterprises registered has experienced a short-term blowout, and the number of small household appliance enterprises registered has soared to 36000 in September

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