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With the development of economy and the acceleration of people's life, convenient, clean and small packaged fresh mushroom products have become a development trend of market sales. Now the processing procedure is introduced as follows:

once the fresh mushrooms are harvested, they must be neatly placed in small low containers and sent to the low-temperature workshop for sorting as soon as possible

the length, width and height of the container are 40 cm and 8 cm respectively. Patiently answer the customer's questions. Experimental temperature: the laboratory temperature for impact test should generally be in the range of 10~35 ℃ (commonly known as room temperature) cm and 16 cm. Its shape is like a turnover box, a solid plate at the bottom, a round hole with a diameter of 2 ~ 3 cm is preset around, and the bottom four corners are provided with retracted plug-in corner blocks, so as to facilitate multi-layer yard height. Fresh mushrooms are discharged head-on when harvested, so as not to connect head to tail, so as to avoid pollution. The temperature in the low-temperature workshop is 1 ~ 3 degrees Celsius, which can be used after the transformation of the ordinary constant temperature cold storage. Fresh mushrooms shall be placed separately after being moved into the workshop in boxes, and shall not be stacked higher or higher. The computer, industrial control box and printer shall be covered with cloth to prevent dust and water, so that the mushroom body can be fully cooled. This link is particularly important for fresh mushrooms harvested when the temperature is higher than 15 ℃. The finishing tools are thin stainless steel knives or bamboo knives, as well as small package sealing and cartoning equipment

first cut the base of fresh mushrooms with a knife to remove dirt, base materials and other debris. Scales should be removed together when they are long. Generally, there is no need to wash them, otherwise the shelf life of products will be shortened

when the internal temperature of the mushroom body drops below 3 ℃, it can be sub packed. Generally, a single box with a height of about 5 cm can be made of foam material, and each box contains about 150 grams of fresh mushrooms. If plastic packaging is prohibited, paper can be customized to strictly control the new capacity of excess products. Coprinus comatus is generally suitable for 16 cm × 10 cm × 4 cm (length × wide × High) specification packaging, suitable for 15 cm of Agaricus blazei × 10 cm × The package with the size of 6cm is suitable for Agaricus blazei and poplar mushrooms with the size of 16cm × 8 cm × 4 cm package. Determine the discharge method according to the shape and size of fresh mushrooms, and then wrap the fresh-keeping film. Put the small packing box into the foam fresh-keeping box, each box can contain 36 boxes, and seal it with transparent tape

in addition, during short-term storage and transportation, ice cubes can also be used for cooling and preservation or refrigerated truck transportation, and the refrigeration temperature can be controlled at 1 ~ 3 ℃. (no:06)

source: China Agriculture

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