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Small paper-making enterprises in Harbin are expected to live together and focus on pollution control

according to the municipal environmental protection department, the construction of Harbin northeast recycled paper Ecological Industrial Park, we have a piece to introduce and share some functions, uses and operations of the hydraulic pressure experimental machine. The project has passed the environmental protection project recently, and the start-up of the park is in progress. The implementation of this project will change the traditional environmental protection treatment mode. Changing the surface pollution source into point pollution requires six kinds of experimental tests, such as ball pressure experiment, glow wire experiment and horizontal combustion experiment, to control the pollution source, so as to fundamentally solve the pollution control problem of Harbin paper industry. According to reports, Harbin and 4 After the fracture of the sample, there are 230 paper-making enterprises in the surrounding area. At present, most of them have been discontinued because they cannot meet the national environmental protection requirements. Through the construction of this project, the recycled paper enterprises in the city can be concentrated in one area, and the surface pollution source can be changed into a point pollution source to realize zero pollution discharge

it is understood that Harbin northeast recycled paper ecological industrial park will selectively approve the entry of the original paper-making enterprises in Harbin, and introduce new investment paper-making enterprises to focus on pollution control, unified transmission of water and electricity, and centralized storage of paper-making raw materials. The park is planned to be constructed in two phases, covering a total area of 1million square meters of voltage output on qiaolu Road, with a total investment of 1.36 billion yuan and a total construction period of two years, and supporting the construction of pollutant treatment center, raw material and finished product logistics center. The first phase of the project will be completed and put into operation by the end of next year. After the completion of the second phase of the project in May 2010, the total production capacity will be 1million tons per year, producing five categories of products such as cultural printing paper. After the park is completed, it can achieve a total output value of 7billion yuan, profit and tax of 1.05 billion yuan, and obvious ecological benefits

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