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Take Qingdao Kerry as an example, Mr. Wang Zheng of Qingdao Kerry direct sales department told: "When exploring the rural market in Shandong Province, we found that there are many dealers and sales points in rural areas, but the scale is relatively small. In addition, the channel operation cost is low, and there is no entry fee of urban shopping malls and supermarkets. Each rural market is relatively closed, and each rural market has one or two stores selling grain and oil, and each township farmers' wholesale market always has one or two wholesale grain and oil that do well. Therefore, we should identify distribution partners and provide good services Very important. In view of this feature, Kerry head office set up offices through Qingdao branch to be responsible for the surrounding villages and towns, and then divided these offices into regions for specific operations. This highly targeted marketing operation makes Kerry easy to grasp market information, and can quickly formulate market strategies according to market changes, and develop business travel alienation products for this special channel in rural areas, such as low-end blended oil and soybean oil products such as Yuanbao and xiangmanyuan. "

product penetration with the help of partners is one of the magic weapons for Jiahe to expand the market in preparation for testing. For example, during the May Day holiday this year, Kerry cooperated with China Mobile to carry out the activity of "saving phone bills and sending peanut oil" in Qingdao and surrounding towns. The content of this activity is that as long as you save enough phone bills of 200 yuan at one time in China Mobile, you can receive a 5-liter peanut oil package worth more than 60 yuan. This attractive activity has greatly improved Kerry's market share and brand awareness in the regional rural market in the short term. According to relevant sources, Qingdao Kerry will continue this form of activities during the "National Day" this year

■ finally, advertising promotion

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to do a good job in the market, advertising is indispensable. From the perspective of the sensitivity to the media, rural consumers are more vulnerable to the influence of the media than urban consumers and are easier to follow the trend. In comparison, the cost of various media advertisements in rural areas is low, and some edible oil brands that attack the rural market adopt diverse and flexible forms of advertising

the first method is wall marking. Making wall signs in rural areas has good publicity effect. Farmers receive relatively little information. They brush the advertising language to publicize products on the farmers' walls in the form of slogans, so that they can see it everywhere at all times. In this way, the information of product efficacy can be transmitted to rural consumers for a long time and repeatedly, and they should accept the publicity information whether they are active or passive. Some local edible oils often adopt this method

the second way is roadshow. The form of art performance plus product publicity is not new to the market operation of cities, but it has obvious effect in rural areas. Kerry grain and oil in coastal counties and towns with strong consumption power is promoted in the form of the "made in China 2025" plan issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology

the third way is television broadcasting media. Rural areas have less access to the media, mainly through television and radio to obtain external information, so they are more vulnerable to the influence of the media. COFCO and Kerry will make full use of the low advertising costs of local TV stations to launch advertisements, focusing on the most grass-roots county-level TV stations and radio stations, and advertising in the columns most concerned by local farmers for publicity, public relations and momentum

the fourth way is print advertising. Golden Arowana has achieved great success in raising the popularity of its brand in the rural market by hanging banners, cloth banners and posters

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current situation of rural edible oil market

with the development of rural economy, county-level cities, counties and towns around large and medium-sized cities dominated by agricultural economy are a potential consumer market. At present, 90% of the small packaged oil is sold in cities, and the consumption potential of the rural market provides a premise for the small packaged edible oil to open up a new battlefield

Hu cengmiao, Secretary General of China Grain and Oil Association, told that the current situation of rural edible oil market is: 1. The consumption of bulk oil is the main, and the development of small packaged edible oil is rapid; 2. The quality of bulk oil cannot be guaranteed due to the blind pursuit of low price. Generally speaking, the sources of bulk oil include oil plants in various villages and towns, and farmers use their own peanuts and rapeseed to process oil through local processing plants; 3. Consumers' awareness of health and self-protection is not strong, which provides conditions for the production and sale of inferior oil. However, with the entry of small packaged oil into the rural market and the in-depth implementation of the national "reassuring grain and oil into the countryside" project, the health awareness of rural consumers is gradually improving, and there will be a strong demand for small packaged oil with high quality and low price

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