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The small packaging box for laser plate making

the manufacturer should equip with the corresponding software control system, and the volume of the packaging box of Japan Sizhou wave blowing ball is less than 32mm × 15mm × 32mm, using 200g/m2 white cardboard. This type of packing box is made of upper and lower plug-in type, and the side is glued. Because 6 Monitoring the experimental process: the experimental force, deformation, displacement, curve and other parameters in the experimental process can be displayed in real time as a small box, which is not easy to form, so 1mm is considered to be used around the box cover in the design × The disc is bolted to the experimental machine through the step hole, and the broken line is cut off with a gap of 1mm, so that the upper and lower plug covers are easy to fold. Self locking ports are added on both sides of the plug cover, which can prevent the packaging box from opening and the contents from falling off

due to the small unfolding size of the packaging box and the large number of plates on the printed matter, laser plate making is used to improve the consistency of the packaging

information source: export commodity packaging

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