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Small factories can no longer get orders? Huacan, Qianzhao and zhaochi have invested a total of 16billion yuan to expand the production of chips

"up to now, there are more than a dozen chip enterprises. The capacity of large factories is released, and small factories can no longer get orders." Liuwenhui, Secretary of Qianzhao optoelectronics, said at the 2017 mid-term strategy meeting

this year, several major manufacturers are expanding their production. In China's LED industry, in the past few years, whether in the field of high-end equipment, chip manufacturing, packaging, technology, products, scale have a higher position than international manufacturers, and their competitiveness has been greatly improved

according to the plan, San'an's monthly production capacity will reach 2.5 million pieces from 1.8 million pieces in 2017, and Huacan's monthly production capacity will reach 1.5 million pieces. Two years later, the industry structure may be very stable, and backward manufacturers will have no chance to further concentrate their production capacity and market share on advantageous manufacturers

by the end of 2017, the capacity of the top three mainland chip manufacturers will be close to 60% of the total capacity. Therefore, whether to expand production or not has become a matter of life and death. Whether to expand production has become a question we must consider. Without scale, there will be no industrial status in the future, and there will be only the fate of "being eliminated"

the last chance of the battle of LED chip oligarchy may be in these two years. After that, the industry pattern may be very stable, and backward manufacturers will have no chance anymore

over the past decade, the annual compound growth rate of the global LED market has exceeded 0% for 2 electronic universal testing machines. In the future, with the continuous progress of technology and the further reduction of costs, it is bound to promote the rapid growth of the market, especially the penetration rate of the lighting market will increase rapidly

according to the data of the LED Institute of higher industry and Research (GGII), by 2016, the global LED chip output value had reached 44.8 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 7.88%. It is estimated that the output value of China's LED chips will reach 28.8 billion yuan in 2020, and the growth rate will increase by 12%

the scale and forecast of China's LED chip output value in 2020 (unit: 100 million yuan,%)

data source: LED Institute of advanced industry and Research (GGII)

the scale of global LED chip output value in 2020 (unit: 100 million yuan,%)

data source: LED Institute of advanced industry and Research (GGII)

since this year, Huacan optoelectronics, dry light optoelectronics Zhaochi shares have made "big moves", and the three companies plan to invest a total of 16billion yuan to expand chip production

Qianzhao optoelectronics plans to invest 5billion to expand the production of LED epitaxial chips

today (July 17), Qianzhao optoelectronics announced that it will continue to expand the production scale of LED epitaxial chips on the basis of the production of the original LED epitaxial chips, and plans to invest 5billion yuan (invested in two phases) in the new area of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, to build a blue-green chip production base that can produce 1.2 million pieces (equivalent to 2-inch pieces) a month; It is expected to invest 2.5 billion yuan in the first phase to build a blue-green chip production base that can produce 600000 chips (equivalent to 2-inch chips) a month

at the same time, based on the actual demand of the company's blue-green light business expansion, Qianzhao optoelectronics plans to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary with its own capital of 300million yuan in Nanchang New District, Jiangxi Province, to implement and promote the expansion project. The application market of the expanded products is mainly in the fields of lighting, display screen and backlight

these films of Huacan optoelectronics will show bright colors. The first phase of Yiwu plant will be completed and put into operation with an investment of 6billion yuan

after nearly a year of construction, the first phase of the Yiwu plant project of Huacan optoelectronics was officially put into operation on July 15. Liu Rong, President of Huacan optoelectronics, said that the production of Yiwu plant, It marks the successful completion of the first stage of the new round of capacity expansion of Huacan optoelectronics. The quotient (in KGF · m/cm2) obtained by dividing the impact energy consumed by the test bar by the root cross-sectional area of the test bar notch is defined as impact toughness (AK). By the end of this year, the company's 4-inch LED chip capacity can reach 425000 pieces/month, which will greatly alleviate the current capacity tension and further improve the market share of products

the total investment of Yiwu plant is planned to be 6billion yuan, with a land area of more than 280 mu. After all, the production capacity of 250000 pieces/month of 4-inch LED epitaxial chips will be increased. At present, the first phase of the project, which is put into operation, has an investment of 3billion yuan and covers an area of 140 mu. By the end of the year, the production capacity of 150000 pieces/month of LED chips and 200000 pieces/month of sapphire substrates will be formed

at present, the largest scale of production expansion of domestic manufacturers is San'an optoelectronics and Huacan optoelectronics, including the Yiwu plant. Huacan optoelectronics expanded from 200000 pieces/month in 2016 to 425000 pieces/month in 2017. The production capacity increased by 225000 pieces, more than doubling, and the company's sales revenue in 2017 will also increase significantly

up to now, Huacan optoelectronics has formed four production bases in Wuhan, Suzhou, Yuxi and Yiwu. In addition, it has also completed the acquisition of upstream sapphire substrate enterprise sapphire technology. Integrating the production capacity of LED epitaxial chips and sapphire substrates, Yiwu plant area will become the largest production base of the company, and drive downstream enterprises to invest and build factories in Yiwu. The largest domestic packaging enterprise MuLinSen will also invest 5.5 billion yuan to build factories in Yiwu

zhaochi shares "entered" the LED upstream chip with 5billion yuan

in June this year, zhaochi announced that it plans to establish a project company in Nanchang high tech Industrial Development Zone, mainly engaged in the production, research and development and sales of LED epitaxial chips and chips. The first phase of the project is planned to be jointly invested by both parties of the agreement of RMB 5billion (including construction land, plant civil engineering and decoration costs), of which the equipment investment is not less than RMB 3billion, that is, the registered capital of the project company is not less than RMB 3billion

on the premise that the construction and decoration of the plant of the project company are completed and the conditions for production are met, the phase I project is planned to install and commission the relevant equipment in place and officially put into operation in 2018

the Management Committee of Nanchang high tech Industrial Development Zone will apply for Nanchang key industrial development fund for Jiangxi zhaochi semiconductor. The investment amount of the industrial development fund is 1.5 billion yuan, which does not exceed 50% of the registered capital of the semi crystalline plastic company ≤ 0.5%

the announcement said that the LED industry is the extension and expansion of the company's existing industrial chain, and has gradually become an important business segment of zhaochi. At the same time, with the expansion of business scale, the company's use of LED chips has increased significantly, coupled with the continuous improvement of industry concentration, gradually showing the trend of vertical integration of the whole industry chain

after the project company is officially put into operation, it is expected that the coordinated development of the whole LED industry chain of the company will increase the new output value of the company by about RMB billion

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