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Methods of choosing household water purifier

methods of choosing household water purifier

the structure of household water purifier roughly includes coarse filtration, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange resin, hollow fiber and reverse osmosis membrane. To choose an ideal and practical water purifier, we should consider the following aspects:

first, choose famous brand products. Users must recognize the importance of product quality when purchasing water purifiers. The manufacturer of water purifier must obtain the hygiene license from the superior hygiene supervision department, and meet the national drinking water quality standard after being identified by the technical supervision department

second, choose those with high performance price ratio. 1. Different structures of water purifiers have different water purification effects. Generally speaking, the primary filter water purifier is simple in structure and mainly uses activated carbon. Its consumption in China is only 32kt, with limited filtration capacity. It can only be used for coarse filtration. The filtered water is best heated and boiled for drinking. Most of the water purifiers with primary filtration belong to low-grade water purification products, and the price of each is between more than ten yuan and 150 yuan. 2. Multi stage filter water purifier. This water purifier has two stages of coarse filtration and a group of fine filtration, and the fine filtration mostly adopts hollow fiber filter elements, and the filtered water can be drunk directly. The multi-stage filter water purifier is a mid-range water purification product, and the price of each one is between 300 yuan and 500 yuan, which can be accepted by the working class. At present, it is widely used in families. 3. The reverse osmosis water purifier has the best water purification effect. It has three stages of pre filtration, one stage of reverse osmosis membrane precision filtration and one stage of post filtration. The filtered water is free of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, organics, minerals and heterochromatic odors. It is pure water and can be drunk without heating. This kind of reverse osmosis pure carbon fiber reinforced composite material has higher strength and modulus. The water machine is a high-end water purification product, and the price of each machine is between 3000 yuan and 5000 yuan

III. choose according to the water quality. 1. The hardness of water quality varies in different regions. The high hardness water quality in northern China and the limestone area in southern China have high content of calcium and magnesium ions in the water, which are easy to scale. Therefore, advanced filter water purifier with ion exchange resin filter element should be selected. 2. For urban tap water with heavy chlorine, heterochromatic odor and high organic content, domestic water purifiers with high activated carbon load can be selected. Because activated carbon has strong adsorption on residual chlorine and heterochromatic odor in water, it has obvious removal effect on organic matter. 3. For the purification of tap water with high efficiency, stability and turbidity in urban and rural areas, household water purifiers with dual functions of coarse filtration and fine filtration should be selected. The water is seriously polluted. It is required to thoroughly filter out bacteria, viruses, heterochromatic odors, pesticides, heavy metals and other impurities in the water. Those who drink directly without heating should choose reverse osmosis pure water machine

product type of water purifier

1, direct drinking machine

2, pure water machine

according to the relevant person in charge of the national copper lead zinc quality inspection center

3, water softener

4, kitchen water purifier

5, central water purifier

6, live water purifier

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