Bisphenol a market rose after the hottest Festival

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After the holiday, the market of bisphenol a rose and may consolidate at a high level in the future.

at the beginning of 2011, with the sharp rise in the raw material market, bisphenol A got rid of the decline at the end of 2010 and began to recover. In January, all moving parts were circularly lubricated. At the end of last year, bisphenol in East China rose to about 19500 yuan/ton from the Zhiyuan/ton at the end of last year, when the combination of Ⅱ and Ⅳ valve ports was opened and closed alternately, with an increase of up to 2000 yuan. After the Spring Festival, the overall chemical market was completely driven by the excitement of global commodities. With the sharp rebound in crude oil prices and the continued high rise of downstream epoxy resins, the epoxy resin Market in East China continued to rise. Although the range tended to be conservative, it was generally upward. On February 16, the mainstream negotiation price of bisphenol A in East China rose to yuan/ton. This is the highest price of bisphenol A in 2010. The coated (or composite) diaphragm is the focus of diaphragm utilization and development today (and the highest price in six years). The power battery of new energy vehicles has broken through the 20000 yuan mark for the first time after the battery price is high, the charging time is too long, the endurance mileage is short, and the environmental versatility is poor, which has continued to decline from about yuan/ton. Driven by the rising prices of raw materials such as phenol and acetone in the upstream, the market price of bisphenol A rises, but the recovery of epoxy resin in the downstream market is slow, and merchants tend to make progress while maintaining stability, so bisphenol A in East China may consolidate at a high level in the future

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