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To achieve a smaller scale of standardized regulation, the governance of the Yangtze River Basin will enter a new pattern

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the Yangtze River Basin has about 20% of the wetland area in the country, 35% of the total water resources and 40% of the freshwater fish species, covering 204 National Aquatic germplasm resources reserves, which is an important ecological security barrier in China

in this regard, China has carried out a series of governance, protection and repair actions. From the perspective of governance measures and effects over the years, China has achieved remarkable results in building an all aluminum alloy car body frame, especially the concentration of total phosphorus and total nitrogen has decreased significantly

despite this, the Yangtze River Basin still faces many problems, such as serious wastewater discharge, deteriorating water quality, frequent pollution events, biodiversity reduction, ecosystem degradation and so on. Some professionals pointed out that the current monitoring system can not meet the requirements of smaller scale standardized supervision and precise positioning of pollution sources, and it is difficult to achieve precise pollution control, which has become a major breakthrough in China's next pollution control in the Yangtze River Basin

recently, the Yangtze River Water Resources Commission organized a video conference to discuss the 2020 pilot work plan of water ecological and water environment monitoring in the Yangtze River Basin, which clarified the work requirements of the pilot work, such as the division of tasks, technical plans, schedule and quality assurance, assisted and guided local provinces (cities) to jointly do a good job in the pilot work, and ensured that the pilot work task of water ecological and water environment monitoring in the Yangtze River Basin was completed on time and with quality

the flange bolts of the machine head and granulator should be tightened again before 2020 and the start-up of the pole hole year. On the morning of September 24, the Yangtze River ecological monitoring base of the satellite environmental application center of the Ministry of ecological environment and the command center of the "healthy Yangtze River Taizhou operation" were unveiled in Taixing at the same time. According to the sky earth integrated technology system, the natural coastline of the Yangtze River will be monitored by satellite, remote sensing, unmanned aerial vehicles and ground monitoring Carry out high-precision, fast and accurate dynamic monitoring and monitoring in important ecological areas such as water sources

on September 15, the relevant research group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Hydrological Bureau of the Yangtze River Commission jointly carried out the three-dimensional integrated water environment and water ecological monitoring of air, space and earth in the Miaohe Peishi section of the main stream of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. The implementation of this project has important application value for the comprehensive management of the water environment and water ecology of the main stream of the Yangtze River economic belt

in fact, as early as November 6, 2018, the Ministry of ecological environment issued the measures for monitoring and early warning of water environment quality in the Yangtze River Basin (Trial), which proposed to "accelerate the establishment of automatic monitoring management and technical system in the Yangtze River Basin, improve the national surface water environment monitoring network in the Yangtze River Basin, and promote the continuous improvement of water environment quality in the Yangtze River Basin."

environmental monitoring is the "lifeline" in ecological environmental protection. For the governance of the Yangtze River Basin, China plans to form the first draft of the "14th five year plan" for key river basins by the end of 2020, which will deeply analyze the outstanding problems existing in the basin, pay attention to systematicness, integrity and synergy, and comprehensively plan from the spatial distribution of upstream, middle and downstream, key tributaries, key regions, key cities, key fields, key industries and other perspectives

in addition, some insiders pointed out that environmental monitoring technology should also be developed and integrated to realize the development from automation to intelligence, build a grid, digital and intelligent information platform, and monitor, transmit, analyze and warn in real time; And establish the Yangtze River Basin Environmental big data platform, integrate the resources of various industries and departments, manage historical monitoring data and real-time dynamic monitoring data, and realize data sharing and in-depth data mining

promoting the construction of water environment monitoring and building a regulatory system to accurately locate pollution sources will play an important role in the water environment governance of the Yangtze River Basin, and will once again refresh the achievements of the Yangtze River water environment during the "14th five year plan"

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