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Continuous innovation Lake Electric - the growth path of domestic high-end brands

in this era of innovation driven development, how to grasp the development trend of the industry and continuously complete high-quality innovation will often become an innovation "natural moat" in front of many enterprises, making them fall into an innovation dilemma

however, under this pressure, Lake realized the importance of open innovation. Therefore, in implementing the business philosophy of creating value for customers, we always adhere to innovation driven development, the uniqueness of product research and development and the one-step leading innovation strategy. Lake global R & D center has more than 700 design and R & D engineers, set up post doctoral workstations and national CNAs laboratories, and has more than 1200 patents in total

for a long time, the innovative research and development of Lake products has been at the forefront of the industry, leading the development of the industry. Before most cleaning household appliance brands knew how to make further innovation, Lake Electric began to organize engineers to develop the Mojie series vertical | hand-held multi-function digital motor wireless vacuum cleaner. Its unique vertical | hand-held multi-function design overcame a series of disadvantages, such as the difficulty in selecting, cleaning and parking most wireless vacuum cleaners such as Dyson "V" series, Coupled with the super digital motor independently developed by lake, it has a very strong cleaning ability. It has applied for 18 invention patents at home and abroad at once. In 2016, Mojie products won the first prize of technological progress and the red top prize in the expansion of China's household appliance industry from Europe and the United States to Asia and Africa. Lake vertical multi-function digital motor wireless vacuum cleaner completely subverts the traditional vacuum cleaner and creates another new category of wireless vacuum cleaner

the initial product price of Lake vacuum cleaner with independent innovative design is higher than that of its competitors in the industry. "Because of the regular protection of my independent R & D and design, the export price of lake's products was the most expensive in the industry from the beginning, and it was also very difficult to bid. But it was also because our products had independent design and innovation, and the sales profit of overseas dealers was higher than that of other similar products. Over time, it was the core value of independent innovation that made these overseas dealers become loyal customers of lake." Ni Zugen concluded

in Ni Zugen's view, only differentiated innovation that has insight into consumer needs and effectively solves consumer pain points is valuable. It is under the support of this product innovation concept that lake focuses on quality life, Continuously research and develop high-end healthy green "color products in recent years, adopt differentiated competition strategies, target high-end consumer groups, create demand with innovation, and create a quality life with science and technology. Lake's brand image as the leader of high-end cleaning appliances has been widely recognized by the market and consumers.

in the first 10 years, Ni Zugen has made jinlake the first in the global market and become the" invisible champion in the global vacuum cleaner industry "; In the next 10 years, the independent brand "Lexy Lake" entered hundreds of millions of families in China, became the "first stock" of high-end cleaning appliances in China, and created a "Lake legend". With 25 years of outstanding innovation, lake has initially won the recognition of MiCasa, witnessing and leading the development track of China's national industry

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