The chlor alkali plant of Qilu Company made a prof

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Qilu chlor alkali plant made a profit of 130 million yuan from January to August

Qilu chlor alkali plant made a profit of 130 million yuan from January to August

October 9, 2003

Qilu Petrochemical chlor alkali plant seized the good opportunity of epichlorohydrin and other products in short supply, actively focused on the production of

in the market, and achieved a cumulative profit of 130 million yuan in the first eight months, the best level since the establishment of Qilu joint stock company

chlor alkali prices vibrated greatly this year. In the face of the volatile market environment, Qilu chlor alkali plant deepened safety production management,

highlighted professional management and process control to ensure the long-term operation of each unit. On this basis, we should strive to optimize the allocation of resources,

reasonably organize production, take the market as the guide, timely adjust the production load, vigorously increase the production of leading products with good benefits, and ensure the maximization of profits

they strengthened the investigation and handling of customers' quality problems, regularly visited customers through various service scenes in my mind by constantly filtering door-to-door, e-mail, contact and other ways, timely adopted and fed back customers' opinions and suggestions, established good business contacts, and developed new products and added packaging systems from customers' needs, so as to win customers with services, The "Qi

Lu" brand products, which have won the title of provincial inspection exemption for many years in a row, can effectively filter smoke and make the smoke emitted white smoke, and achieve a win-win situation between enterprises and users in the market competition

at the same time, the factory strives to reduce costs and reduce costs, expand the scope of energy consumption assessment, and link it with the economic system. The three links of responsibility, power and profit are linked, which has completely reversed the situation that employees used to ask only output but not input. When doing a good job in energy-saving mining, the factory strives to strengthen the professional management of energy consumption items with cost as the core, which will greatly improve the energy consumption of production, transportation and even glass bottle regeneration, which have been widely used in many aspects, strengthen the financial management function and strictly control the cost

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