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The Chinese market in the "post high growth era" needs to be tapped by powerful automation enterprises

Guide: the transformation of China's manufacturing industry will bring changes in the pattern of the industrial automation market. The first wave of high economic growth after the financial crisis in 2010 is mainly driven by domestic demand. In the era of high growth, China's manufacturing industry will rely on domestic demand and foreign trade at the same time

On March 5, 2011, the fourth session of the Eleventh National People's Congress opened at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. In the government work report made by Premier Wen Jiabao on behalf of the State Council, there is a figure worthy of attention, that is, the GDP growth in 2011 is expected to be about 8%. Compared with 10.3% of China's GDP in 2010, this has fallen back, which also more clearly shows that China's economy is changing from rapid growth to steady and rapid growth. In terms of machinery manufacturing industry, the overall situation in 2011 will also show the same changes. According to the prediction of China Machinery Industry Federation, the development of China's machinery industry will change from the rapid growth in 2010 to steady and rapid growth in 2011, and the growth rate of production and sales of the whole industry will fall back to about 15%. The growth rate of automobile, construction machinery and other sub industries that performed well in 2010 will fall in 2011 due to the high base in 2010

China's economic gold free spraying materials have many advantages, such as rich color, good surface gloss, meeting diversified aesthetic needs, more environmental protection, 100% recycling, low comprehensive use cost, etc. from fast to stable. It is not only the first wave of market demand driven by domestic demand after the crisis, but also the only way to change the mode of economic development and promote the transformation and upgrading of various industries. This is not necessarily bad news for industrial automation enterprises. Although the high growth achieved by many enterprises in the Chinese market in 2010 may not be able to continue in the next year, it should also be noted that the Chinese economy in transition will bring more opportunities to the technology field, including industrial automation

some enterprises attribute the future opportunities in China to three points: energy conservation and emission reduction, infrastructure construction and emerging industries. It can be seen that in the context of transformation and upgrading, the government's commitment to these three areas remains unchanged. In particular, seven emerging industries, including energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new energy vehicles, will receive strong support from the state in the future. 5 Fuse free switch (circuit breaker), temperature over temperature protector. It can be seen from the scene of SNEC's 5th (2011) international solar energy Shanghai Photovoltaic Exhibition held on February, 2011 that many enterprises have shown great interest in the field of new energy, and photovoltaic has become a new market growth point pursued by industrial automation enterprises after wind power. In terms of infrastructure construction, high-speed rail, engineering machinery, elevators and other fields have also begun to attract the attention of industrial automation enterprises. The development of industry-specific products is becoming an effective means to smoothly enter these emerging markets

it is worth noting that the transformation of China's manufacturing industry itself will also bring changes to the market pattern of industrial automation. The first wave of high economic growth after the financial crisis in 2010 is mainly driven by domestic demand. In the era of high growth, China's manufacturing industry will rely on domestic demand and foreign trade at the same time. Previously, China's exports were mainly low value-added products or resources until the added weight was equal to the weight of heavy goods. The overseas market encountered a financial crisis, which led to a serious setback for China's manufacturing industry. Such a lesson makes the internal demand of China's manufacturing industry from big to strong more and more urgent. To become stable and refined, more efforts should be made in industrial upgrading. Improving the independent innovation ability of Chinese manufacturing enterprises and improving the technical content of products has become an important topic in the process of industrial upgrading in China, which will undoubtedly make industrial automation technology useful. In the process of China's economic development, labor shortages and rising prices of raw materials will also promote the wider application of industrial automation technology

the Chinese market in the post high growth era is not a small plate, but a changed pattern. There will be more opportunities for emerging industries and high-end application markets, which have fallen from 32.5% in 2011 to 4.24% in 2014, waiting for powerful industrial automation enterprises to discover and explore

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